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    City Rhythm

    Computer Animation | 한국콘텐츠진흥원 | 2018


    작품 Seoul City Rhythm은 도시에 살아가며 서로 무심하게 지나치는 사람들의 일상적인 소외를 표현한 내러티브 미디어아트다.

    도시에 살아가지만 진정으로 애착을 가지지 못한 이방인의 감정을 담아낸 VR 속 공간은 서울 어느곳의 모습과도 닮았지만 특정하기 어려운 공간으로 표현되었다.

    이 속에서 낯선 타인과 함께 어울리지 못하고 부유하게되는 경험은, 공간을 산책하는 관객에게 전혀 다른 장소에 온 듯 한 낯선 감정을 불러일으킨다. 

    작품은 서울시와 KT가 제공하는 서울 생활인구 데이터에서 20대 청년과 60대 이상 노인, 3개월 이상 국내에 머문 장기체류 외국인의 일주일간 시간대별 생활인구 이동량을 분석하고,

    공존하되 서로 만나지 않는 데이터 결과 메시지에서 영감을 받아 제작되었다.

    3D 스캔한 공간 데이터를 컴퓨터 프로그래밍을 거쳐 재해석하여 가상현실(VR) 미디어 아트로 구현했다.


    Seoul is alive, a city bustling with eager people in their twenties. But where are the old people? Hardly any people in their sixties are ever sighted.

    Even more, the long-term foreign residents rarely show any movement, as if they are anchored to a specific location.

    As you can see on the screen, the numbers, the movements, and the dots are all of us. They represent ourselves. A myriad of data embodies the movements within the city.

    Based on raw data, we visualized the flow of big data related to the population of Seoul city. The three-dimensional images of the dots seem to take on the form of

    particles drifting across outer space. Let’s assume that these dots indicate the movements of the people living in Seoul.

    This world of numbers before us has the immense power to draw us into the world of data in a moment, and so transfixed by it, we are left looking at it for quite some time.

    Is this because data is the product of a very real phenomenon?


    The City Rhythm project includes a section with the subtitle LOST, which shows the image of the city depicted as a point cloud, rendered by scanning the city with a 3D scanner.

    It seems to be packed with particles of dust—an ethereal hallucination in a virtual world. Departing from the boundless universe of data, we set our feet on one narrow street of Seoul.

    It felt even smaller than a dot. The entity you come across may be a joyful rhythm beating inside your heart, a lonely rhythm standing unaccompanied, or a hectic and restless rhythm

    that always has to be somewhere, anywhere but here. LOST embodies such rhythms. We may seem to be lonely beings that stand in the middle of the city, lost,

    without any indication of where to go or how to get to another place.We are the people who reside in the same space, yet we never meet each other. Aren’t we all just a little dot?




    Director                                                Kim Siyeon
    Producer and writer                       Park Seoeun 
    Graphic                                                 Park Jiyoon, Woo Hyeunjoo
    Editor                                                    Kim Siyeon
    Voice                                                     Ariane Carmignac
    Sound design , Composer           Kim Siyeon
    Engineering help                             Kim Hojoong, Jeong Sangchul
     Coordinator                                      Suh Heesun / K’occa
    With the support of Korea Creative Content Agency

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