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    U b a c


    Ubac is a media artist group of Woo Hyeunjoo and Park Jiyoon, based in Korea.

    Both artists hold a BA in Entertainment Design from Kookmin Univ. in Seoul

    and create artworks that combine technology and storytelling.



    Award & Exhibition


    2021. Seoul International New Media Festival (nemaf2021), Seoul, Korea

    2021. Sandbox Immersive Festival, Hangzhou, China 

    2020. Play on AI, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea

    2019. Creative Code, Art Center Nabi Hanok, Seoul, Korea

    2019. 2019 CREATOR RUNWAY, KOCCA, Seoul, Korea

    2019. Contemporary Landscape2019, CICA Museum, Korea

    2019.Decalcomani, VR Awards of VR Cinema In BIFF, Busan, Korea / Graphics 

    2019. City Rhythm, Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mentions,  Linz, Austria / Graphics

    2019. Lost, SESIFF, Seoul, Korea / Graphics

    2019. Seoul City Rhythm, SXSW (South by Southwest conference), Corea Impact with Kocca 

    2019. No Boundary 無經界 - Here, There And Everywhere. National Gugak Center, Seoul, Korea /3D Graphics

    2018.  AI Incubator. National Science Museum, Daejeon, Korea / Interactive Artist

    2018. No Boundary 無經界 - Here, There And Everywhere . KOCCA, Seoul, Korea / 3D Graphics

    2018. Seoul City Rhythm, KOCCA, Seoul, Korea 

    2017. Young Designers Challenge. DDP, Seoul, Korea 

    2017. Sweden +Korea Young Design Week. DDP, Seoul, Kore

    2017. Falling Tomatoes, Gallery Luminarie, Seoul, Korea 

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